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Mini Splits Installation

If you're tired of wasting energy on cooling your entire home when you only use a few rooms, we recommend that you look for a mini-split system with no ducts. These individual units save hundreds of dollars each year and significantly reduce energy losses. At EVS Mechanical, we love to save our customers money by providing mini-split installation!

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Mini Splits Repair

Trying to manage hot and cold areas in your home can be difficult and frustrating. Plus, trying to figure out how to get your home to heat or cool evenly can require quite a bit of work as well. Despite the repair cost of a mini split system can be much higher than traditional central air conditioning systems, you can save money very quickly in operating costs and tax breaks. After all, there’s no reason to be putting up with a home that isn’t at its peak level of comfort. At EVS Mechanical, we offer a range of mini-split systems repair services, so no matter your needs or your budget.